About Kickback

Meet The Brewer: Joshua Smith


AboutJoshIt all started in 2005 while on a deployment with the Vermont Army National Guard. Two of my childhood friends and I were talking about what we would do when I returned to Vermont. I don’t really remember how the idea got into our heads but we all agreed that starting to make beer would be a fun way to spend time together doing something we all enjoy.

The name for the brewery, Kickback Brewery, came about after my first deployment when my friends and I all agreed that, to us, drinking a beer means “sitting down, relaxing and putting our feet up.” That’s how we came up with Kickback.  

Fast forward a few years…now in my third year at UVM I found myself in a class called “The Dollar Enterprise” at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences under the Community Development and Applied Economics program.  This class stuck out to me as something rather unconventional for a college to offer and it would be one of those things that changed my life and the way I would work to achieve my biggest life goal: Working for myself.

This college course led me to create a business plan and learn the inner workings of starting my own business.  Though my class project wasn’t on a brewery I began planning in parallel for what would one day be the idea for Kickback Brewery.  Now almost 10 years after getting my first exposure to Entrepreneurship I have started the push to make this dream a reality.


About The Beers

Plenty of hard work goes into making these beers and getting them ready for your taste buds.  Every beer we make is thoroughly tested by our guinea pigs (friends and family) before we send them out for your enjoyment. It’s hard work, but we make it a pretty good time.  After all, half the fun of making beers is drinking them!

We believe what sets our beer apart from our competitors is delivering an uncomplicated experience to the everyday, multi-situation beer drinker.  We do this by putting emphasis on presenting many variety of flavors in traditional styles.  We incorporate local ingredients whenever possible.  We produce beers that can be enjoyed in a relaxed setting and leave you with wanting to grab, just one more.

We feel the market is over-saturated with the bitter, strong-hop-tasting-kick-you-in-the-face IPA's. There are many beer drinkers looking for other options than the typical IPA.  We want you to think of our beer as something that tastes simple enough to sit down, put your feet up and drink a nice cold one after a long hard day.