The Beers

Kickback Brewery sets out to design and provide simple yet distinctive beers using as many locally sourced ingredients possible.  Our beers are made for hardworking people who, at the end of the day are just looking to put their feet up and enjoy a cold, great tasting beer.

Plenty of hard work goes into making these beers and getting them ready for your taste buds.  Every beer we make is thoroughly tested by our guinea pigs (friends and family) before we send them out for your enjoyment. It’s hard work, but we make it a pretty good time.

We believe our beers deliver an uncomplicated experience to the everyday beer drinker.  We do this by putting emphasis on local ingredients whenever possible and providing a variety of flavors. 

We feel the market is over-saturated with the bitter, strong-hop-tasting-kick-you-in-the-face-beer (a very technical term) and think there are many beer drinkers looking for other options than the typical IPA.  We want you to just be able to sit down, put your feet up and drink a few cold beers after a long hard day.


Ready To Drink

Brown Ale


5% ABV. Made for a great session with friends. Easy and smooth drinking brown ale with a hint of East Kent Golding’s Hops delivers many memories of walking the streets of England stopping at every pub along the way to grab a beer.

Chocolate Coffee Stout

6% ABV. Brewed with Gevalia Mocha Coffee giving the beer sweet stout characteristics with a coffee aftertaste.

Red Raspberry Pilsner

6% ABV.  Brewed with 3lbs of frozen raspberries.  I am reminded of Burlington’s Red Rocks at sunset when looking at this brightly red colored beer.  This beer is slightly bitter and crisp and mixes well with the chocolate coffee stout.


Currently In Production
Squirrel Murphy Brown Ale

Primary Fermentation sitting at 65 degrees with an anticipated ready to drink date of
September 21st